Port of Livorno

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Livorno, Tuscany, Italy)

There are four shipping companies, all Italian, running routes from Port Livorno. Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries belong to one company and then there is Moby Line, Linea dei Golfi and Linee Lauro, also offering services.

All companies are well established and have a good track record for safety.

Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries

Both these ferry lines are owned and run by the same premier ferry operator. Annually, the ferries transport more than one million passengers on international and local routes. There are 11 vessels that are used interchangeably; each vessel is extremely comfortable, with lounges, restaurants, bars and shops. There is also a lower priced self-service restaurant on board each ferry to suit the various budgets of travellers.

Moby Line

The well-established Moby Lines offers comfort that is usually found on cruise liners. The ferries are noted for their architectural features and extravagant interiors. There is a special deck where you can relax and entertain your friends or clients; several shops and many cafés, restaurants and a snack bar. Moby Ferries ships are also equipped with cabins with shower/WC and junior suites. Pets are welcome on the ships and kennels are provided for their safety. The three-deck ships are luxurious and comfortable, catering to the needs of all passengers.

Linea Dei Golfi

This shipping line owns five large, luxurious vessels that ply several routes within Italy. All of the vessels have bars, restaurants, shops, cabins and snack bars, and there is also plenty of deck room where you can relax and sunbathe on the journey.

Linee Lauro

This is a small line and mostly has cargo ships in its fleet. However, the vessels used for ferrying passengers are sea worthy and comfortable. All amenities are available, from shops to restaurants and snack bars.

Livorno Port

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